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Monday, February 16, 2009


I've read somewhere recently that French women love to eat macaroons because the French macaroon is so small and elegant, it is possible to eat as many as they like without looking piggish.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of tasting my first (and second) French macaroon. Some argue (mostly French patisserie chefs who are to be trusted with this kind of information) that it is not a macaroon at all, but the haughty more sophisticated cousin of the macaroon, the macaron.

My authentic French macaron experience came at a semi-authentic French patisserie near the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney's Rocks area. The name escapes me now, although I did intend to write down the name before departing. I may have to go back (all in the name of research of course). The waitresses were very rude, adding to the French experience. I took great joy in being equally as rude in return, but I don't think she noticed.

Apparently, the macaron (said best with a terrible French accent) is experiencing a resurgance in popularity. I suspect that the article I read about them recently was in one of those glossy magazines that come with the newspaper one Friday a month, but I recall the article only mentioning the best place to buy them in France.

Now I have finally experienced their true delight, I want to eat them constantly. I'd also like to learn how to make them, and give them to friends as birthday gifts. I want to know everything about them. I may have developed an obsession that will be terrible for my waistline. They may look tiny, but these delicate little morsels are very sweet, and very satisfying, I think I know what these French women are on about.

Would anyone like to comment on where I can buy French macaro(0)ns in Hobart?

Post Script: Wednesday 18 February. I returned to this patisserie today, after finding myself in the area. It is La Renaissance Patisserie, on Argyle st, near the corner of Argyle and George, Sydney. Branched out a little, the rosewater and strawberry macaron was not to my taste, but the passionfruit with chocolate genache was excellent. A pity that I bought them take-away, and promptly squished them in my handbag.

I have eaten so much in the last three days; which is what a holiday is supposed to be about. I swear I am on a diet as of this weekend. I may even join the gym. No, I will join the gym.

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