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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tasmanian food-types on Twitter

This post was edited on November 28 2009

I'm a little twitter obsessed. Part of what makes the experience of Twitter fun for me if the food. No, you can't eat it. But gee it makes me hungry.

Even as I write this a group of Melbourne food-types-tweeps-bloggers are eating out at a restaurant I would dearly love to go to, posting pictures and comments about their experiences. But most of the Tweeps I follow about on the interwebs are on the mainland. So I thought I would list a few (no particular order) of my favorite Twitters in Tasmania, to try and encourage a little more take up.

New to the blogging scene, Hazel is the author of southern Tasmanian thehutchronicles.

Victor is one of the finest chefs to have ever cooked for me in real life (not in a restaurant, oh, if only he still had a restaurant). Blogger.

With a blog named after her adorable children, Michelle writes food, craft and country. Creator of marvelous cupcakes and keeper of happy chickens.

Colette, who I have not had the pleasure to meet in person, runs Perth (as in Perth Tasmania) eatery Ut Si Cafe, which also has its own blog.

QC and self confessed food tragic who drives a very large and shiny car. Excellent blogger.

A lovely couple from review-based website, who unwittingly gave me a wine tasting at Wursthaus the other day without my realising who they were. Sorry, I'll come back!

Chef. Dad. Writer. Creater of many blogs, currently working with The View From My Porch, and newly added contributor for The Punch.

Chef, photographer, all rounder and elusive local. everyone has met Luke but me. But apparently, he's back in town from a stint cheffing overseas, so its only a matter of time.

Rodney Dunn of sustainable farm-based cooking school in Tasmania, former food editor of Australian Gourmet Traveller Mag. It's good to see a business based Twitterer using the service to communicate with others as opposed to just blatantly spruiking their wares.

One half of high-flying supper club Das Zimmer, Sean Beukes. Like the Agrairan Kitchen, Sean also generates good conversation, sharing his hospitality wisdom and bitching about shit martinis.

And then of course, there is me. But you will have to ask me nicely first. I will probably say yes, especially if you are not my boss.

So who else is out there?


stickyfingers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stickyfingers said...

What about Rita & Victor?

ut si said...

Thanks for the mention N.
I like SourdoCompanion tweeps too (can't wait for their bakery to start up in Oatlands so I can get to a workshop)& follow Ag Kitchen & Nick @Bruny Island Cheese Co.
Pls call in next time you're up north.
Rita is yet to embrace Twitter & Victor is Foodtrail, Sticky.

Victor said...

Hey N - thanks for the mention. Glad to meet you and that you enjoy my cooking. It was fun! Cheers.