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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ten things to do while waiting for a dinner date who is never on time

  1. Stuff around on Twitter
  2. Re-read the Mercury
  3. Smoke many cigarettes
  4. Fantasise about holiday to China
  5. Read the food secions from the NY Times and the Guardian on iPhone
  6. Chat to strangers
  7. Peel label off beer bottle
  8. Check sky for rainclouds
  9. Look at door
  10. Wish you had gone home to have a nap as well
Curses to you Turner. Lucky you are such good company.

We did eventually make it to Piccolo in North Hobart. You can see the pictures here.

Things have been a bit quiet in the last two weeks as I have been in Melbourne. You can see those pictures here. There were a couple of highlights:

  • Mezzo Bar and Grill (formerly Oyster Little Bourke) was nothing short of brilliance. Go there. Now.
  • Proud Mary in Collingwood really does make the best coffee I have had in a very long time
  • Camp Shanghai Dumpling is still as ridiculous as it ever was, and next time I will go to Hutong.
  • The Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV International is stunning, and worth a trip from Hobart for it. It runs until April.
I know I don't usually write up recipies or cooking attempts, but shortly I will attemp to make and blog about:

  • A perfect souflee
  • Bahn-mi
  • Baked eggs
  • Salt cod croquettas
And in other news:

  • Stingray Seafoods in North Hobart is currently under renovation and will soon become Mako Seafoods. I'm rather hoping this is a dramatic improvement.
  • Tom from Piccallily is heading off to Gordon Ramsay's new venture, Maze, in Melbourne. Piccallily are looking for a suitably talented replacement, and I'm sure Tom leaves big shoes to fill.
  • Rumour has it that the old Dress Sense store in North Hobart is about to become an ice-cream shop, probably part of the Cold Rock chain. A funny time of year the start consruction on an ice-cream shop, but it's just a rumour and I can neither confirm of deny.


Christina said...

So what did you think of Piccolo?

Lucy said...

1. Check for text messages on iPhone
2. Check emails on iPhone
3. Check Facebook on iPhone
4. Check Twitter on iPhone
5. Check ABC news on iPhone
6. Eat a mint
7. Re-check emails
8. re-check Facebook
9. Re-check Twitter ABC news

steve said...

I would have waited 15 to 20 mins max then gotten outta there.
I hope he had a good excuse or was, ahem, worth the wait so to speak!
Next time start jotting down notes & when the waiter comes up & enquires about your dining partnet etc just say:
"You'll read about it in my review"

Maggie said...

Christina, Piccolo was lovely, like always. My fave at the moment.

Lucy: Awesome!

Cumper: Don't be cheeky. :)

penny aka jeroxie said...

Hmm... next time. We make our own dumplings. Camy is a big NO NO. Catch up then :) Actually, save your tummy for dumplings delight in China. None here is good enough cept those that are home made from scratch.