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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My secret shame

Just like Tomatom, I also have a secret chocolate shame. Well, probably not such a secret now because I've just told everyone. But I've a reason for coming clean: I need your help.

These ugly little suckers are nothing like the chocolate speckles I used to buy from the corner shop, circa 1987, for 50c a bag as big as my chubby, sticky hand. They consisted of the worst compound chocolate money could buy and positively repelled saliva. They came second only to milk bottles and red skins, fabulously teeth rotting stuff.

Amazingly, I still have all my pearly whites in tact (thank goodness baby teeth fall out anyway) but possible not for long as I have recently re-discovered an adult version of this childhood favourite.

No longer 50c a bag these puppies will set you back about $7 for 200g at Haigh's Chocolates. Fortunately for my waistline there isn't a Haigh's outlet in Tasmania but I'd like someone to bring me back some from Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide the next time they visit Tasmania (which they should, it's rather lovely here).

So, if you're headed down this way I'll take you out for coffee in exchange for a bag of these. Just one bag at a time though please - I've curbed my sweet tooth somewhat in my old age.

Although, if you happen to be the CEO of Haighs Chocolates and you are reading this, feel free to send me a freebie or two, I won't mind at all.


Simon Food Favourites said...

quality chocolate will always cost more won't it. love freckles. especially when you get them on the side when you order a hot chocolate from a cafe :-)

Lisa said...

I am not a huge fan of chocolate but I do have a weakness for it when it comes with extras, especially brightly colored decorations or chunks of nuts. Those would definitely be a danger to me.

R said...

Hmm. Well as it happens a number of persons are arriving this week for a friend's engagement gigue. I can arrange arming them with some speckles from Haigh's. Does that appeal? Probably desire a method of communicating outside this forum for details ...

Tassiegal said...

Blergh Haighs. Sorry its one chocolate I cant STAND. Horrid feel in the mouth and it always gives me a headache. HOWEVER I am flying through Sydney next month, so if there is a Haighs at the airport I will buy you some.

Maggie said...

R, your profile is private so I don't know who you are. Thank you for the offer.

Tassiegal, cheers that would be awesome!! I've got a few sources onto it at the mo, so don't stress too much. It's funny I don't buy there other products much I've never ventured past my speckle shame. I will try and branch out next time i'm on the mainland, whenever that it.


R.L. said...

Well. I didn't realise I had a profile of any sort. I just used my gmail account. I see now I have an empty profile. Sorry, I don't blog, just occasionally browse others.

Hazel said...

I have a similar addiction to the chocolate covered macadamias from chocolate shop in Launceston (was the Swiss Choclatier now Cocobean). The whole packet just disapears!

Rubber Ninja said...

Heya! (it's Emma from the Cake Mistress. Just having trouble commenting under that identity).

I was just about to recommend Haigh's chocolate freckles then I read further down. Totally agree, they're sooo good. If you even want some, I can post you chocolate supplies :)