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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Checking out the locals

After almost three years of living in North Hobart, this weekend I became a resident of the Lenah Valley. For those of you unfamiliar with Tasmanian geography, it's roughly the equivalent to moving from Collingwood to Fitzroy.

Okay, so I haven't moved that far (about 3.5km actually), and I will probably spend most of my time in the same pubs and shops I always have, but in Tasmanian terms it's a big move.

I've  got some new locals, which I'm looking forward to checking out. I'm now within walking distance of the Lenah Valley RSL (I'm hoping it's a dirty old mans pub), Castle Zayee (a Chinese restaurant in a fake castle that serves yum cha AND fish and chips, no joke), the Lenah Valley Foodstore (brilliant local grocery, I've gone to check it out already, absolute score) and Jean Pascale Patisserie (pictured right, for morning coffee and pastry).

My new locals will be keeping me busy (expect blog posts on all of the above), but I'm also further north, and therefore closer to the Moonah restaurant strip. In my opinion, there are some restaurants in Moonah that kick ass over North Hobart - without the crazy crowds and drunken louts. So I'll be checking those out as well.

I did also see an advert on TV last night for a chicken parma ready meal in a box that I may have to purchase, photograph and ridicule - if I can manage to lower my standards enough to look the check-out chick in the eye while handing over good money for it. Not forgetting the Sri Lankan restaurant around the corner (which also sells hamburgers, bizarre), I've a lot of new material coming your way. 

Until then, I'm open to suggestions, but right now I've a Sunday roast to organise, a veggie garden to investigate, a dog to walk and a zillion books to unpack. Life is grand.


Mikey Lynch said...

Somehow stumbled on your blog recently. Good stuff. Look forward to reading.

3windows said...

Very much looking forward to reading your Glenorchy recommendations !!!

3windows said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
3windows said...

Oops meant Moonah !!!

Tassiegal said...

bog posts? Sorry that gave me a major case of the giggles. I must admit I have gone off JP lately (at least the T/A @ New Town) due to grumpy surly staff. Cafe is still ok though!
When we gonna have that coffee so I can deliver your speckles?

Maggie said...

Thanks Tassiegal, what a shocker of a typo! Fixed now. I'm flat out for the next two weeks doing cofnerence media - no lunch breaks for me :(. But we'll meet up soon, I promise.

Lisa said...

Very much looking forward to box-meal ridicule. And much more about your grand life in your new digs.