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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today has potentially been the first productive Sunday I have had in a good long while. A quick trip to the hardware store this afternoon has armed me with pots, potting mix and a few seedlings, in a (probably futile) attempt to grow my own herbs. 

I loathe spending $3 every time I want a bunch of coriander. I should be able to grow it myself. Previous attempts do not support this statement. 

My darling housemate has greener thumbs than I, so I am following her advice with thumbs crossed. 

If all goes to plan, soon we should have parsley, flat leaf parsley, rosemary, coriander, mint, sweet basil, lemongrass and mexican chillies to experiment with. The house dog also finds the herbs rather tasty, and was told off for wrapping her chompers around the lemongrass.

More to follow if I do not kill first batch. I still smell like potting mix, despite repeated washing of self. Not pleasant. 

Other achievement today: purchasing of plane tickets to Sydney for mid next month. Am now excitedly planning where to eat while on my "in between jobs" holiday. I can see a potential need to have more than three meals a day...