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Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the beginning there was a blog.

I have finally relented. After ten years as a writer and waitress I have finally decided to combine my two passions, food and words.

However after ten years as a waitress, I am only three weeks away from my new life in the (hopefully) exciting world of corporate media. Pencil skirts, stiletto shoes and leather handbags await. And lunch breaks, oh the job of the one hour of freedom to eat, relax and run errands during business hours in an exciting concept for one who tends to work 9 hour days with no breaks, and no lunch. 

So in this blog I intend to prattle on about cooking, restaurants, cafes, leftovers and everything in between - just because I can. Although I will miss some aspects of working in hospitality, I hope that my soon to be new freedom as a customer will provide a little light entertainment for all of you out there on the world wide web. 

And if not, I am sure that my stumbling around in heels will keep all amused also. 

Cheers, and enjoy. 


Rita said...
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Rita said...

Hi and welcome to the world of blog, Foodie at Heart! And if the appearance and design of your blogsite is anything like your future career in corporate media, you're going to be a fabulous success!

Cheers - Rita

PS - we're going to have to find you a better nickname than Foodie at heart. What would you like us to call you?

Maggie said...

Cheers Rita,

Thanks for name suggestion. Was undecided at time. Too many initial decisions to make to start this blog! Thanks for your support. All I need now is a camera and I'm up up and away,