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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dumpling World, it was a dumpling free Hobart for too long.

It's back. After a six week involuntary hiatus, Dumpling World is now open again, providing endless hot dumpling soups, tea eggs, pork buns and noodles.

Hobart's only dumpling specialty restaurant opened about 18 months ago, with mixed reviews, by Chinese migrants Helen Zhao and Matthew Ma.

However a recent spate of heavy rain caused the roof to cave in, causing extensive property damage. The owners of Dumpling World have been forced to pay for the building repairs, even though they rent the premises, and the repairs are the landlords responsibility. The owner tells me that the landlord refuses to answer her phone or return messages. There was an article in The Mercury about this. Not a lot happens in Hobart, so the weather is pretty big news.

Because of this selfish, shonky landlord (please step forward) poor Hobartians have gone without their weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) meal of superb house-made dumplings. I for one will gladly venture to Collins street for many a lunch break in the coming months. There goes all that money I had planed to save by packing my own lunch.

Dumpling World is also home to the original tea egg ($2 each), which prompted me to learn to cook my own.

Dumplings are available steamed and fried: pork, chicken, vegetable and seafood. I forgot to write down the price but I recall they were quite inexpensive.

There is a good selection of vegetarian options, both for noodle and dumplings.

There are also some new options on the menu, like a Japanese style chicken curry with rice ($8), Chinese buns ($3.50 each) and shaomai ($5, 3 pieces).

I almost always order the dumpling soup ($9) which comes with your choice of dumplings and either laksa or chicken soup. My soup today (top picture) was excellent, as always. Plenty of dumplings, crisp bean shoots, grated carrot, red onion and a spicy complex laksa, not too creamy or rich, just perfect.

The serves are large, and the ingredients are fresh. I would even go so far as to say that being closed for six weeks has fostered improvement. The owners work behind the counter and in the kitchen, I always like to see a family involvement in a business, it has a nice warm fuzzy feel.

On the downside, there are no toilets. Although the staff are very apologetic about it.

It would be great if the dumplings were available to buy uncooked to take home and freeze for later.

It is unfortunate that the owners of Dumpling World have the landlords they do, but I am grateful they have reopened, even if at their own expense. I hope they take their landlord to court and sue for damages, they deserve better.

Dumpling World

3/138 Collins st Hobart
Ph: 03 62241830
Dine in and take-away
Mon- Fri 11.30-10
Sat 12-late
Sun closed


Lisa said...

Sucks that they've been treated so poorly; I hope that their luck improves. I live in a no-man's-land of anything remotely resembling a Dumpling World and I envy you. That soup looks divine. :)

Anonymous said...

It is NEWS if the roof caves in and more so if the landlord ellegedly won't come to the party.
I tried this place and it was woeful.

Mary said...

Mmmmm.... dumpling noodle soup! I reacquainted myself on Friday night and, oh, it was just what I was after following a busy day at work in rainy Hobart.

News: apparently there is a new dumpling establishment opened in Moonah.

Tangled Noodle said...

Sometimes, disasters lead to good things - like restaurant roof caving in but the food getting better! Glad the only dumpling house in Hobart is back in business . . . what's life without those yummy little packets of goodness?

Anonymous said...

Yummy little packets of goodness. Probably did come out of a packet.
These people do not know a little sesame oil goes a long way.
As for the pictures on the wall...they're dreaming, the food lookls nothing like it.
Talk about false advertising.

Maggie said...


The dumplings are made on site. They do not come from packets.

I am sorry you had a bad experience here anon, maybe you should give it one more try. Order the laksa soup, I hope you will not be dissapointed.

Sapuche said...

It's hard enough to be an independent restaurateur, but throw in a shonky landlord and a caved-in roof and I'm sure it's impossible. I hope they manage to get beyond their current troubles. It's always sad when a unique dumpling restaurant you like has to fold. And even more so when they're about the only dumpling restaurant in town. Maybe you can make your own? I recently learned to myself, and they turned out much better than I'd expected!