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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Question: Smith Street Noodle & Tea

On the corner of Smith and Letitia streets North Hobart is Smith Street Noodle & Tea, which seems to be re-opening after a long hiatus. Just wondering if anyone has any information about the kind of menu/opening hours etc.

I have decided I can't be bothered walking over there in the cold to ask. My housemate has just pointed out that I walk further to buy the paper in the mornings, and she is right, it is just around the corner.

Okay, tomorrow I will mission to Noodle & Tea and find out what is up. Order, eat, review. Mmmm noodle.



Mary said...

All I have heard (and this is circa 2006) is that they offered free green tea with their meals.... good enough reason as any to visit I guess (apart from the close proximity, of course.)

Snuva said...

I used to go there before when it was open, but recently noticed it has re-opened and haven't visited yet. It used to be fantastic - they made their own noodles. You selected the type of on-site noodles then the topping, and yes could have some nice free green tea while you waited. Or while dining in. Haven't been in yet since it re-opened, however will probably go one night next week.