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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A love letter for food

Reading another food blog this week, Eating Asia, I discovered a post about a New York grad student, who was collating love letters about food for her thesis project.

"Let your food know how you feel! Comfort your comfort food. Break-up with your weakness. Recollect a passionate encounter. Reminisce about good times," My Food Valentine encourages.

After reading the Eating Asia post, I felt compelled to write a love letter to my favorite food of all time: dumplings.

I had almost as much fun writing my letter as I did reading the others. This is a really cute concept, that explores the wonderful relationships people have with food. There is always a lot of negative connotation about how food effects us, anorexia, obesity, diabetes, it is nice to see a positive and creative angle.

Thank you Eating Asia, for being such a great blog. You are this armchair traveler's pseudo culinary adventure, I am very grateful.

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