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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A peek in my pantry

Just in case something drastic happens (for example: broken leg, swine flu, blizzard, alien invasion) I like to stockpile dry goods. I get nervous when the cupboard is bare.

Every few weeks I do one massive mission to the proper supermarket to stock up on the basics, so all I have to do is pick up fresh ingredients and I am ready to roll.

The sense of warmth and satisfaction of knowing that I have enough pasta, rice and canned tomatoes to feed an army helps me sleep at night. Plus, all my dry goods get eaten at one time or another, so I never consider that extra can of sardines (just in case) an extravagance.

For anyone who is interested, I have just done a stock-take of my pantry. This doesn't include anything that I have in the fridge however, although now I think of it the fridge could use a clean out. I am sure there are eight types of mustard, three types of capers and an old tomato that could probably take a walk. Downside of share-house living - sharing a fridge.

Inside my cupbord: Pasta: risoni, spiral and spaghetti, rice: jasmine and arborio, polenta, couscous, noodles: hokkien, udon, rice and instant, oil: olive, sunflower and seasame, lentils, chickpeas, four-bean mix, pine-nuts, curry paste: red, green, penang and laksa, coconut milk, canned: tomatoes, bean sprouts, two-fruits, anchovies, sardines and tuna, sauces: dark soy, light soy, shitake soy, hosin, fish and oyster, red-wine vinegar, cornflour and plain flour.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven't been Asian grocery chopping for a very long time, but when I do, I tend to bring home a lot of random items, which of course I have no idea what to do with. Which is my next mission, random items will be blogged about soon.

Okay, I'm off to clean out the fridge. Good times. Or maybe I'll look at cooking videos on YouTube. Yeah, that's it!


Rita said...

I did the same pantry stocktake last weekend, and hauled out the arborio which had been hiding at the back there. Luckily Master Chef did a Risotto on Fri night so I was able to use a goodly amount of said arborio in a large vat of Pumpkin Risotto which surprisingly turned out superbly! Who'd a thought it?

Rita said...

Meant to say MC had inspired me to make the Risotto!

Lisa said...

Man, I wish The Cupboards had even a modicum of social skills. They've recently gorged themselves on pasta, rice, spices, and a plethora of things they're hiding way in the back and out of reach. I mean well, I really do, and I try not to feed them but I see pasta on sale and something jazzy in a jar and I get all in whirl, thinking I'll make something masterful. My Thai collection is still too big for its own good and we will not discuss The Baking Cupboard. Suffice to say, I need to weed. I'm just a wee bit scared. :)

I did, however, properly clean the fridge. Only to go on a mad produce spree yesterday. Which kind of defeated the purpose. I so suck sometimes. :)