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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surprise fridge cleaning

Before. What, you ask, is that suspicious foiled pacakge middle shelf, right hand side?

Firstly, I do not admit ownership for the majority of items you see in the "before" photograph above. However, I will admit to having a secret love affair with fridge cleaning. The conditions have to be right of course, a crisp, sunny day is always best. Luckily for me, although it is the dead of winter, Hobart had turned out a gorgeous, fresh sunny day. Just perfect for a little spring cleaning.

It should come as no surprise that I am particularly possessive over our fridge. And why not? Someone has to make sure the fridge does not contain:
  • liquefied ginger wrapped in cling wrap
  • three types of moldy jam
  • a Hudson's coffee cup containing an unidentifiable substance
  • what could possible have once been a carrot but more closely resembles a truffle
  • ANYTHING with a use-by date of January 2009
On a positive side, I did discover a jar of capers no one is claiming, that I will happily assume ownership for (I'm thinking caponata...)

Now, no one else ever cleans out the fridge in my house. I'm not just talking about my current housemates - good sorts they are - I'm talking about my entire history of share-house living. Perhaps I just get in there first, but I doubt it. There is nothing more revolting that a fridge full of festering, fermenting food. If I didn't do this, I highly doubt anyone else in my household would, and I say this fully expecting a barrage of abusive comments from my housemates, who do (to my ongoing surprise) read this blog. But abuse away ladies, your comments will fall on deaf ears, just as they do when anyone mentions gardening, to which my response is to imediately find anything, ANYTHING, else to do.

I've now decided tha I am a fridge cleaning superhero. And quite frankly, there is potentially something wrong with me. Who likes to clean fridges? I obviously need help. Because I am such a looser I took the liberty of looking up "fridge cleaning" on YouTube (bless), and found this video, which should be a stark reminder, to myself and others, of what I was like as a child.

Left: A much more hygenic version of the fridge. Looks kind of the same, but it's the things that lurk in the back one has to be worried about.


Lisa said...

I used to have that same Chinese rice bowl to the right of the prunes. Keep meaning to hit Chinatown and stock up but I'm really lazy these days.

Is that Maggi chili sauce on the door?

Looks great!

My secret word is juncat. Seems appropriate to junk it. :)

Tassiegal said...

I tend to enjoy cleaning fridges and food cupboards when I need to try to organise my life. Its catharic and metaphoric.