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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backpacker food.

This my friends is backpacker food. These are all the ingredients for this meal, in case you were wondering. No herbs, spices or vegetables hiding off camera, Microplane safely stashed in the kitchen drawer, lovely block of parmesan stowed securely in the fridge.

I did give Ing, my housemate, a bit of grief over this creation, but she basically told me where to stick it. She's a good sort, Ing, she gives it as good as she gets it. Against my better judgment, I helped her eat this dish, and it was actually kinda tasty. And I was starving!

When I was living in London a few years ago my flatmates and I were so poor we lived off pasta with butter and cheese. Sometimes, for an extra treat, we would lash out on a jar of ready made pasta sauce. There was a supermarket near our place that sold a particularly dodgy variety for £1. That was a lot of money in 2004. I also seem to remember eating a lot of KFC, something to do with discount vouchers and Bayswater road.

My other housemate, Lucy, traveled extensively through Europe last year, and was rarely without a packet of dried spaghetti and a bulb of garlic, just in case of a pasta emergency. "But you always need garlic," she says. I suspect it would in the very least keep the vampires away.

While I really miss traveling, I really don't miss not knowing where my next meal is coming from. Sure, I have to go to work everyday, and I have responsibilities, and I've got no money because I am an intern, but I can afford to eat pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. And that includes mushy pasta with tuna and tomato sauce.

Oops, and I almost forgot, thanks for cooking me dinner Ing, you're awesome!

1 comment:

Sapuche said...

Looks like some satisfying comfort food right there! And there’s not a thing wrong with comfort food, though of course it’s nice to get a few veggies in there once in a while, and maybe a piece of fruit for dessert. I like your friend’s habit of traveling with a bulb of garlic and a packet of dried spaghetti. Vampires or no, I couldn’t agree more about the need for garlic. A little crushed, dried red pepper is nice, too, as are oiled anchovy fillets. But you’ve got tuna, so never mind. Some time ago, when I was hanging around Paris in the dead of winter, I would buy yoghurt, clementines, and Coca Cola, and, in lieu of a fridge, keep them lined up on the windowsill outside my crappy igloo of a room. This was pretty much all I survived on for three weeks. Oh, and I also had bread. What I wouldn’t have done for some hot buttered pasta with garlic!