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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've discovered a new food problem with my new career. As I no longer work in a cafe where I can gleefully pick at any edible substance (little chorizo here, little aioli there) I've started to become a little peckish around the three thirty mark. I've usually got a beer in hand at that time, so the it has all become a bit of a shock, with the niggling feeling in the bottom of my empty belly. And I'm sober, tragedy.

I've begun a search for fun (but healthy-ish) afternoon snacks. For your information, Country Cup Flavours of the World Tom Yum soup does not taste anything like Tom Yum soup. Not even close. It actually tastes not unlike lemon scented dish washing liquid.

My friend Stef has suggested carrot sticks with hummus, which is a cracking idea. He is a vegan, and I've not really met that many vegans, so I am rather interested to pick his brains over the vegan diet. Also, Criterion street cafe do a great vegetable foccacia which is vegan, if anyone is interested.

On a non-vegan tract, I'm really into those little baby-bell cheeses, which are super fun to eat. I've been forcing down little pots of yogurt, but it's not really working, because I don't like yogurt much, I just think I do.

My housemate Lucy suggests the humble Freddo frog, as they are available from the tuck-shop at the art school, they are very small, so therefore portion controlled, while still delivering chocolatey goodness. She describes the basic chocolate version as "her rock" but occasionally dabbles in the odd Caramello Koala.

I would like to open up the comments page for suggestions on what else is good to have as a mid-afternoon snack. I'd be most grateful for any interesting ideas.


Anonymous said...

2 red bulls and a mars bar!!

Maggie said...

Ha, not exactly what I had in mind. Whatever it takes to get through the day, I certainly get that!

NotStef said...

That Stef guy is awesome.

How about some fruit?

Anonymous said...

You could try soy chips or rice crackers and a home made dip...say lite philly mixed with a little chutney, or pickles, or corn relish, or even sun drieds. i wouldn't try all of the above at once though....all healthy and filling. Just right for nibbling at your desk.

the projectivist said...

giant cup of coffee - that'll cure you in a flash!

penny said...

rice crackers and cream cheese.....! And just mixed nuts. A little boring but it will help. :)