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Monday, March 9, 2009

My seven day vegan experiment.

I have been talking to a friend who is a vegan. I just can't understand how he lives without the kinds of food that I live for.

So I am considering following a very strict vegan diet for seven days, just to see what it is like. This is coming from the girl who has six different types of cheese in her fridge as we speak. I've had eggs for breakfast for the last three days running, and I drink milk by the gallon. Needless to say, I could be setting myself up for a real challenge.

I'm starting to realise that I am spending too much time focusing on what vegans don't eat, as opposed to what they do. Obviously, I will need to do some research so I don't keel over from iron deficiency within three days, but I think my experiment will make me more considerate to a lifestyle I wouldn't ordinarily choose for myself.

I've already cut down the amount of meat I eat for health/ financial/ environmental reasons, so why not take it one step further, just to see what happens?

There are the obvious health benefits to a diet low in saturated fats, but am I savvy and dedicated enough to actually feed myself properly for the week? My life will be a little unsettled for the next two weeks, but after life calms down a little, I think I might have a crack at this. Just for seven days. And honestly, I have very little faith that I will make it past day three.

I solemnly promise to keep a detailed account of my adventures in vegan land for the amusement of others.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Wow, I am overwhenmed by the comments to this post. I suspect this means that I will actualy have to go through with this now! I've put the wheels in motion. I think my housemate will also join in my experiment. I'm doing some research, looking for recipies. Any online links anyone wants to send though would be appreciated.

Time wise, I am looking at the first or the second week of April (after I've been on holidays, but before Easter).

Stay tuned... I've got some interesting posts planned in between now and then too.


Cindy said...

Ha, I don't think you'll have to worry about iron deficiency on a 7 day challenge! I hope you discover lots of great new foods and perhaps even a new way of looking at food. I'll be reading with interest. :-)

Lisa said...

Good luck! I was a veggie for almost six years but am a much happier omnivore. Still, though, I realize that I now eat better because I think less. What I mean is that I make pasta with tomato sauce because it tastes good not because I think "oh, I should eat vegetarian today." I often eat vegan without realizing it because, let's be real, hummus is good!

I'm enjoying your blog and look forward to the next seven days. :)

Lisa said...

Vegetarianism I could live with (just about) but Veganism would be so difficult for me! no butter? no cheese? WAIL!
No cream! No omelettes, pancakes, cakes!

We eat veggie meals a few times a week, without even thinking about it, mushroom risotto is my favorite food! But when I get to thinking about Roast Chicken, or Sausage sandwiches... thats it! Game over!!

Parker said...

Good luck, like to hear how it goes. Love challenges, but I am the same cheese cheese cheese!

Katie's blog said...

Good luck! I stumbled upon your blog on the Foodie Blogroll!

Shelly said...

Welcome to the foodie blog roll! I don't think I could do a vegan diet as I am just too much of a cheese and dairy product lover :) Good Luck on your seven day challenge!

Alpha Cook said...

life without cheese is not worth living...that said, good luck. :)

J'Hab@lavidaveggie said...

Hello hello, just found your blog and feel like I've also found a comrade-in-arms! We fellow waitresses-cum-foodies-cum-writers should band together, don't you think? And I love that I stepped in just as you're starting a vegan experiment. Hear, hear! Your friend is lucky that you're willing to try going the distance, even for a spell. And though you'll makes some sacrifices, know that vegan pancakes, cakes, quiches, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, waffles - and more - are not just the stuff of fantasy!

Nicole (Nico's Eats) said...

I, too, am a waitress-cum-foodie-cum-writer! And I do love my cheese. But I also have thought about trying out the vegan diet temporarily, just so I could see what it's all about. It would be an interesting exercise for me, I think. I will check back to see how you're doing! Good luck!

MemeGRL said...

Hi! Found you on the foodie blogroll. As another curious onlooker to my friends' vegan lifestyles, I'll look forward to hearing how you do!
Check out Vegan Lunchbox (blog) for a recipe for all-in-one muffins or something else like that--they are essentially a well rounded meal in a muffin! Not the best I've ever tasted, of course, but really fine and a good vegan standby.
Good luck to you!

TonyM said...

Good Luck!! I don't know that I could do it!! Having said that however, I think once you get over the "what can't vegans eat?" mindset it probably becomes a lot easier - will be fascinated to see how you get on.

NotStef said...

Just have a chat to me before you start, easy.